crontab - viewer

Let me help you to understand your crontab to find out when your tasks are really running.

crontab editor

Paste your crontab below and press go. Would you like to try a sample crontab?

crontab viewer

There shall be textual interpretation of crontab entries.


Crontabs can be difficult to read at times. The crontab viewer interprets your crontab and prints out all the commands and the intervals in which they are run to help you save your brain energy for some other tasks. I created the crontab viewer to make my day job easier. Maybe it can help you, too. If you encounter any bugs, drop me a line:
contact /at/ homecoded /dot/ com
To get to your crontab open the bash console (or any other console) of your linux/unix system and enter crontab -l. Copy whatever it prints out into your clipboard and paste it into the text field above. Then hit "Go" and see the magic happen.
The crontab viewer is written entirely in JavaScript and no data is sent to any server. Nothing you enter into the text field above will leave your computer. So your are totally safe to enter your crontab even if it contains confidential information.
2019-06-04: thx anonymous person for pointing out that there was a problem with case-sensitivity and word expressions <3